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Our Plumbing services are affordable

We know that plumbing problems are unexpected and sometimes the finances in your house could be tight. We don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to have their problems solved because the service is too expensive.

We promise that our Plumbing Services won’t break your bank.

We Provide High Quality Services in All Leander

If you have had enough of unprofessional plumbers that don’t know what they’re doing and want to find high-quality plumbing services in Leander then give us a call today!

Whether your problem it’s a clogged toilet, leaky pipes, or gas line, our work is reliable.

We Offer Emergency Plumbing Services in Leander

If your pipes burst on the weekend or after hours, don’t worry, we are here to serve you!

We are one of the best plumbing companies in Leander TX.

If you have an emergency plumbing need just give us a call.

Why Choose "Bill's Plumbing"?

Have you been fixing that bathroom shower for ages, but it still leaks out? No worries, “Bill’s Plumbing” is here to repair things that you fixed. We’re a locally owned business that believes Plumbing doesn’t always have to dig a hole in your pocket.

“Bill’s Plumbing” stands out in the crowd for its strong values that never fail to win the customer’s trust. Whether it’s the hectic leaking fixtures or emergency drain repair, we’ve covered the plumbing niche seamlessly.

Call us at (512) 729-9281 to get an estimate.

We are plumbers in Leander that strive for excellence

When it comes to quality plumbing service, things start looking blurry, especially if you’re on a shoestring budget. No more with “Bill’s Plumbing” as all our services are cost-effective while keeping the bar high for quality performance.

Do you know why people trust us?

Unlike most other companies, we tell the accurate cost of our service which puts us on the top in affordable Plumbing. No matter what you want to get repaired, money should never be a problem when you call us.

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Top-notch Quality Plumbing Service

With “Bill’s Plumbing”, you not only get things repaired but the surety of not facing the problem again. Here, we see Plumbing as fun and a way to excel skills rather than a messy business where you go for temporary approaches to fix the problem.

Whether you’ve got a clogged toilet or are struggling with damaged sewage, it’s high time to knock on our door. The work of our skilled plumbers not only shows perfection but also makes you fully satisfied with the service.


One of the most requested services we have is water heater installation and replacement. Our team is prepared to install any type of water heater you might need, from electric or gas-powered units to solar water heating systems.

We also work with tankless water heaters.  With this type of unit, you won’t have to wait for the tank to heat up before being able to take a shower or wash dishes.


One thing you need to know about sinks and garbage disposals is that they can stink. When you use a garbage disposal, it creates a chemical reaction in the pipes where stinky gases are released into your home. This is why we offer plumbing services for pipe cleaning and drain cleaning as well as any other service related to clogged drains or leaks coming from sinks and garbage disposals.


Let’s talk about toilet repairs or replacement. On a daily basis, your toilet is used for multiple purposes. Food, drinks, and even pets can sometimes find their way inside the bowl of your toilet which may cause clogs or leaks in the pipes below it.

Our team of experts has vast experience in unclogging toilets. We also offer toilet replacement services for those who are looking to upgrade their bathroom!

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Frequently asked questions about our plumbing services

Tell me more about your plumbing company in Leander

-Licensed in all surrounding areas: We’re licensed to provide plumbing services across Austin and its surrounding cities, as well as other counties including Hays County, Travis County, Williamson County, Burnet County, and more!

-Varied fleet options: To better serve you we carry equipment that suits any job from sewer repair service to water heater installation or even kitchen/bathroom remodeling. So when it comes time to choose your plumber there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues because our technicians have experience with just about every type of project out there.

-Experienced team: Our experienced plumbers work hard while maintaining strong customer relations skills.

Are we really worth your money?

Offering value to your money remains an essential priority of our working ethics. Our professional plumbing service is fast, convenient, effective, and affordable to make your every penny worthwhile.

Not only do we go the extra mile to provide worth-remembering services, but it also strives hard to do everything right in the first place.

What sets us apart from others in the market is our dedication to serve you with the most convenient plumbing experience without breaking a bank.

Our Team

A great team is what makes a business reach heights of success. Fortunately, our whole team includes highly experienced, reliable, and dedicated plumbers that never leave any room for lack.

 Over the years, we’ve expanded in a team of professional plumbers from a few individuals with an intense enthusiasm to feed all your plumbing needs.

What About Water Heater Solutions?

No matter how rough a day you had, a hot shower can set everything right.

Therefore, we make sure all our customers have a properly installed water heater that neither takes too much power nor causes hassles to get started. Taking this into notice, we have a special team that has some of the best and effective water heater solutions and solves related issues like a pro in no time.

We also cover tankless water heaters and those that work on electric, gas, or solar power.

Do you coach/advise customers about buying effective equipment for toilets or kitchen?

Yes. We go above and beyond to help our customers in every possible way. Our services are not only confined to repairing problems but also to put you at ease by offering helpful buying recommendations. 

From water heaters, pipes to other handy tools, we hold your hand for finding the ideal plumbing supply that makes your money worth it.

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Being a re-owned local plumbing service, we offer everything that plays its part in making your plumbing experience excellent. No matter which type of plumbing service you avail of, we offer a three-month warranty.

In case of any issue, don’t hesitate to call us on the given number, and we’ll help you out without any additional costs.

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