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Garbage disposal is a great way to dispose of your leftover waste. They are very useful but sometimes you run into problems.

For most people, it’s best to leave garbage disposal issues to trained professionals. Bill Plumbing experts can diagnose your garbage disposal problem and carry out the right solution.

Fast and professional, Bill’s plumbing can fix any issues you may be facing with your garbage disposal, whether it’s a repair or a complete replacement.

Is your garbage disposal leaking?

There are three common places for under-sink disposal to leak. Here’s the breakdown of the likely culprits of each of these.

Garbage disposal is leaking from the top of the unit. The most likely cause is the sink flange. This seal can loosen and corrode over time.

Garbage disposal is leaking from the side of the unit. The most likely cause is a leak where the drain lines connect.

Garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom of the unit. The most likely cause is the busted seal inside the garbage disposal that wears out over time.

Are you wondering what causes your garbage disposal to stop working? No worries as Bill’s Plumbing team is here to help.

If you are unable to fix your garbage disposal leak, just give us a call. We can schedule a visit for service at a time that is most convenient for you. If you are experiencing an emergency, we can come out the same day. Give us a call to schedule your service today!

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Let’s talk about garbage disposal issues

Let’s talk about the common garbage disposal problems that most people deal with at one time or another.

Jammed disposal: If your garbage disposal unit doesn’t turn on or is making a humming noise when activated, you might have something in there that is jamming the blades. Jams are mostly due to excessive food waste or the wrong type of garbage being sent down the garbage disposal.

Slow draining: The garbage disposal usually works quickly and grinds up food and drains in a matter of seconds. If it is taking a while to break down to process, you might have a clog or the blades might be extremely dull.

Foul odors: Over time, food particles that have become trapped somewhere in the drainpipe and emit foul odors. The smell might be coming from the drain line or the unit itself. This may require disassembling and cleaning the entire unit.

Grinding noises: Sometimes, you might hear metal noises from your disposal unit. This grinding noise] is the result of rubbing something stuck in the blades, a missing part of the garbage disposal, or a part of the garbage disposal that has been misplaced.

Leaks: Garbage disposal seals can sometimes leak. Leaks can be in the outer casing, plumbing connections, and drainage hose. This means some parts need tightening, small repair, or replacement.

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